12 Ways To Care For Your Elderly Loved Ones

We make many mistakes unintentionally because we do not know the way to handle the situation or we may not have an idea how it feels if it happens to us. Caring your parents is not an optional ethically. We are obligated to take care of our parents. Imagine hardships they faced in their lives to provide us with the best they can.

It is important that we should not follow the trend of negligence from care our parents deserve. We can understand the needs of elderly parents better if we

 know the disabilities, weakness, and changes in body functions with aging. Let me share the story of Old man and his son ” Old man asked his son in a park is this a Bird? Son replies Yes. The old man asked the same questions 3 times again. Last time son got angry and said I have told you several times, Why don’t you understand? The old man replied my son this is my old diary and started reading from the diary. I am so excited today as my son spoke first-word bird. Looking at the bird he asked the question several times and every time my answer was yes. I am not able to explain my happiness”

We can draw many conclusions from the story. Imagine all favors our parents have done to us to give us a better life. Do we show real love and respect they deserve? Are we going to set a good example for our children to respect and care our elderly parents?