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Photo of Janae Harpool and Psalms Home Care Administrator (& Caregiver) ironing a quilt topper

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Answered Prayers

Photo of Janae Harpool with one of her quilts

"God answered my prayers and sends me help through Psalms Home Care," states Janae Harpool, "I am 88 years of age with some serious health issues and am fortunate that I can stay in my own home." Throughout Janae’s life, she lived in the Ark-LA-TX area. Her tie to Denton, TX is her late husband Charles Harpool, related to Tom, Pinky and Albert Harpool. Janae and Charlie had a home in Denton for many years. She grew up in a working family. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a farmer, welder, and ship-builder. Janae attended North Western State University and spent her adult life as a mother (of 4 sons), wife, daughter and cosmetologist. Her first shop (of 5) was in her home and she retired in 1980. Janae was very active in the Order of the Eastern Star to include serving as a State Chaplain. Janae has an active mind, sharp wit, keeps up with current affairs and loves sports. She and her family are passionate about the NCAA March Madness. Janae favors a few Texas teams in Round 2 and the Sweet 16; however, she predicts Kansas to be the 2016 National Champion.
"I am fortunate to have an active mind, to be ambulatory and to have family nearby. However, I insist that my family stay active in their own lives as I did. The caregivers through Psalms Home Care allow me to give the gift of peace-of-mind to my family. Psalms Home Care is an ‘extension’ of my limbs that do not move as they used to. The caregivers drive me to shop for my quilting supplies, groceries, medications, and even iron my quilt toppers. When Charlie passed away in 2006, I needed to occupy my time, so I started quilting and so far have designed and made 29 quilts for my family. God continues to answer my prayers."
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"God answered my prayers and sent me Psalms Home Care.", Janae H. 

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