The Role of Personal Care Homes In Senior Care

What do you think is the most important for you to consider when you select residential options for your loved ones. Location, quality of the facility, Brand, quality of the care, cost of service, People managing the place, testimonials and some other factors.

I personally think the quality of care and people who are managing it is the most important thing to be considered before we consider anything else. Cost of service may also be the factor which makes our choices limited.

You can consider an option of the personal Care home as a residential option for your loved ones if you want to keep the cost of care within your budget. In most of the cities, Personal Care Homes are run by Nurses and social workers. You may find different names for personal care homes like residential care homes, adult family homes, adult foster homes, group homes, or board and care homes.

In Personal Care Home residents are often provided with non-medical or care activities such as playing board games, help with folding laundry, baking cookies, or preparing for the evening meal.
For social engagements, activities and outings away from the facility, residential care providers are usually able to offer transportation services to doctor’s appointments, shopping, trips to local senior centers, and other areas of interest to residents.
The monthly fees for residential care normally cover three meals per day, utilities, housekeeping and laundry services, resident activities, and often transportation services.
Personal Care homes are not licensed assisted living. Following are some Advantages of Personal care homes.

  1. The small size of the building makes residents feel like a home.
  2. Cost of care in personal care homes is less.
  3. Caregiver to patient ratio is small which helps to build strong relationships between residents and caregivers.
  4. Small group or residents also facilitate to maintain religious values.
  5. More flexibility to visit the loved ones and have the less regulated environment.
  6. Most of the personal care homes are owner’s direct interest so they make sure that service is delivered in the best form.


Although Personal care homes most of the time are not licensed as Assisted living many of them are playing an important role in senior care by providing high standards of care in less price. They are also very helpful for the small town where there is not the large facility.